Chinese New Year Bedding

Chinese New Year is a time where you practise the concept of putting on new clothes, shoes, placing auspicious chinese signs, words and giving red packets to the singles. Most of the time, I follow the general rule of the thumb like to prepare your home (spring cleaning), not sweep the house during the first few days of Lunar New Year, hanging up the red cloth banner on the entrance, avoid washing of hair on the first day, and the latest, to get a red underwear... lol. If it's going to bring me some luck, there's really no harm to buying these in one of my favourite colours.

I believe some of you do get new beddings for Chinese New Year too. I don't really practise them as I probably have too much bedding already in my cupboard. I love to buy them on sales which are quite frequent in the Great John Little Sale. The beddings offered are quite a steal and you can choose from the many types of quality by their materials, threadcounts and brands.

I was window shopping recently when I spotted these bedding by Aussino speciall made for Chinese New Year. Would you get something like that? It looks quite 'yang' to me - kind of too bright and fiery for my taste. I need to sleep in nice soothing colours so this is out. It does look like the wedding bedding that are displayed in your in-laws home for visitors.. lol


Joze Foo said...

last two years my sis did buy me new beddings from Aussino. This year we did not buy.

Tot's Mom said...

Ya, I don't like too bright colors either. Pstel colors will be just nice. Anyway, here's wishing kung hei fatt choy. Hope the year will be a prosperous & lucky one for you.