New Body for New Year

If you are in Korea, chances are your colleagues might look somewhat different after the Lunar New Year. You probably can't quite put a finger over her new glamourous look and her new double eyelids. And yes, you are probably right. She did get a new 'face' or new 'body' to go with the new clothes and shoes for a Lunar New Year.

According to reports on the MYA (Make Yourself Amazing) - , Koreans especially in the 20s and 30s are getting some parts of their body or or face changed in their interest to look better. Koreans had about 9 days of holiday for their Lunar New Year. Instead of just having minimal cosmetic surgery done, this long holday break had some who went as far as to have a part or full body makeover like Breast Enhancement or Liposuction. According to a director of a plastic surgery clinic, many of the firm's beds were reserved to about 90 per cent for cosmetic surgery during Lunar New Year holidays.

I figured cosmetic surgery like these is set to take the world by storm with the growth of advance technology. It's all about image and acceptance.