Rooted In Ireland - Plant A Tree Project

Ireland was a country that used to be blessed with forests so green and covered with broadleaves and evergreens. Ireland, was a great resource of raw materials, namely wood. Decades of destruction, agriculture practice of clearing the woodlands for cultivation and chopping down of trees for wood as a source of fuel and building material, the luscious forest of Ireland was wrought with damage and looked set to be depleted.

A great idea and global awareness of reforestation in Ireland was borne out from an inspiring article in Australia of a Plant a Tree project. Three notable persons, Patrick Nugent, Anne-Marie Nugent and Peter Slevin started to clear up lands, and mapped out planting paths for replanting of trees as a 'giving back' to the environment and encouraged the public to do the same. The idea of purchasing trees proved to be highly encouraging and proved so popular that they were being bought as wedding gifts, christening presents, birthday gifts and also memorial trees that became a new novelty in memory of grandparents who have moved on to other foreign lands, whom originally were from beautiful Ireland.

Rooted in Ireland - an oak planting project, set on 9 acres of beautiful lush land overlooking the reputedly beautiful Cathedral City is now available to you as the ultimate gift. Show your support by purchasing it for your loved ones or as a memorial gift and at the same time show your support of reforestation. Planting of trees helps to promote Carbon Footprint Reduction so you are doing a good cause. When you own a piece of Ireland, you will be given a certificate of authenticity and photograph that acts as a memento for your keepsake or displayed on your wall. Give the gift of life to our environment. Nothing else comes close.