If you are one of those who appreciates romance and fairy tales, this new movie, Penelope will be good news to you.

This romantic love story follows the dreams of a young girl Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci) who was born into a wealthy socialite parents (Catherine O'Hare and Robert E. Grant) . In this movie, she was kept hidden away from the outside world in her family estate for being cursed under a Wilhern spell. Futile attempts to have their daughter married off, the parents arranged a sizable dowry to find her a suitable partner, unfortunately had each and every suitor take flight when her curse is being revealed.

The mysterious Penelope's dark secret is then being tailed closely by an eager tabloid reporter, Max (James McAvoy) - who posed as a prospoective suitor to get a good shot of her. His attempts to exposed her dark secret was met by his own feelings of guilt after finding himself falling for her. Fighting against his obligations to his job and the love for Penelope, he decided to make a disappearance. This episodes of betrayal for Penelope proved too much so she decided to venture out into the world on her own, along the way meeting with a newfound friend by the name of Annie (Reese Witherspoon), an independant-minded delivery girl.

Catch this romantic comedy, Penelope, soon to be released on 29 February 2008.

Watch the trailer, below.

Penelope Trailer -- Extended Version

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