Angela Ma Art, Abstract Artist in New York

Depths of red, pressure, light source and direction creates a different frequency of waveline in each soul within us. This piece of art transforms me to a traditional festive occasion being observed in Chinese people during our Lunar month. Passion and full of vitality, like a dragon's breath.

Angela Ma Art, has just converted me into her world of Abstract Art. Her labour intensive art is rich, using oil as her main media, with dusts of metallic gold or silver powder, the result is spell bounding. Born in Vancouver BC Canada, and studied art abroad in many diverse cultures around the world like China, London, Australia, Los Angeles and New York, her artistic works carries a conviction of subconscious staying power in me. Mysterious and personal, every angle of her art evokes a different feel with each viewer.

Her abstract art does not just show the solitary strength of the visual that is important but the combination of colours, light, texture and depth is what creates this expression so mentally and thought provoking.

This post is brought to you by Angela MA Art.