Oscar countdown

Oscar excitement is only a day away. Preview the countdown here.


U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, ahaa! You too looking forward to Oscar Nite, huh?
This is one night of the year my wife stays glued to our TV from 7pm to 11pm.
We are 13 hours behind you in S'pore.
I might glance at it on and off, but not that interested unless happens to be a favourite actress of mine.
So I go visiting to my Blogger friends around the world.
You in Singapore, a city I love very much, Penang too, as both cities holds lots of young days (70's to 80's) memories for me.
One time Mandarin or Shangrila hotels was my 2nd home due to my frequent almost weekly trips to Singapore. And love to eat at ECP, at that seafood restaurant near the big slide.
Or tea at Raffles with a SYT (sweet young thing), ha ha.
I love to go for lunch those days to that iron market, near Harbour front, forgot the name, or Beach road, as well North Bridge road for bak kut teh.
Is Xanadu disco at Shangrila still alive? Used to be a regular at the Mandarin Kasbah too.
Quite a few of my previous blog postings had Singapore locations.
Anyway, enjoy your Oscar night. If free drop in. Best regards, Lee.