Mighty Power!

I had another pleasant surprise today. My girls' Godma text me on my handphone.. She was telling me the girls were in the papers today.. So, excitingly I flipped the ST and yes, there it was, Rae and Lea on the home section in the local papers.

Well, for a start, I was blogging about my experience with a bank last month. When the bank saw my comment from my blog, they gave a surprise which was quite the envy of my friends. With my consent, I agreed to let them feature a story about my experience and the bank's prompt reaction to it. So it was in the papers today and I'm sure my girls will probably be The Star of the day at least, with their school friends. Check out the story below.

Also I would like to thank Shirley Chua for arranging all these and Jasmine Ong who dropped by with such nice chocolates, and lastly Nicholas Tan for the Mighty Savers' gifts. The girls have just turned into Die-hard Mighty Savers' Fans. (Picture of Lea on the right, doing a Mighty Savers' Power Stance).

Here is the feature story on the internet news.

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Ling That's Me said...

wow! your children have become stars overnight :)

David (AKK) said...

Whoa... your kids on paper... very "keng" ler... :)

Sue said...

Beng seng...woooooo

Taoju said...

I'm sure your kids were very excited over this!! congrats wor hahaha. You should frame up that page and hang onto your wall..

Constance Chan said...

hahaha ya i cut out that portion ask ah boy to bring the office one back.. so now each kid can keep as souvenirs..

stay-at-home mum said...

Ahh, now I know whose blog they read!!