Should I be Paranoid?

The search for JI Leader Mas Selamat, is getting more massive and intensive than ever. I can see the police and gurkhas making their search up to the Ten Mile Junction yesterday evening.

I think they were also combing the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Bukit Batok Nature Park when I stopped by to fill up my petrol. The sight of them made my girls abit frightened because they have never seen so many uniformed personnel in their lives. The thought that our home is under this perimeter is giving me goosebumps already. My girls are pestering me to bring them to the nearby Pasar Malam so I am still thinking about it. Maybe I am just being paranoid. Should I or shouldn't I?

I guess if not for the kids, I probably wont think so much. But thoughts like what if he has a gun, what if he held someone hostage, and what about if he goes into a school... you hear of those who goes into schools or universities and starts a shooting frenzy so these thoughts just rained me today. Last night I made sure my doors and windows were shut and locked properly. The sound of bump in the night wakes me up so maybe I wasn't really sleeping so well. *shudders..* oh dear oh dear..