13 lucky ways to get rich quick

I was going Blog Hopping before the New Year 2008 and I realised that many out there who had done up their resolutions for 2008 have the same thing in mind. $$$ Get Rich, Be Rich and Make lotsa lotsa money!

Since everyone wants to get rich quick, I shall post some ideas for you.

13 lucky ways to get rich QUICK
(but don't last a lifetime) and take it with a pinch of salt.
  1. Marry a rich old man / woman (this is a classic, i'm sure you all would probably know it at the back of your mind, so what are you waiting for?)
  2. Get a rich sugar daddy (this is also a classic, this can be a good gossip over coffee, you know, like which girl 'hor lang pao')
  3. Be a porn star (sure make you lotsa money)
  4. Hang out with your rich friends and aquaintance ( it may not make you rich instantly, but it might rub off you.. you feel rich because you are breaking your budget spending like the rich and famous)
  5. Sell everything you have for cash. Then go get the most expensive hotel suite at St Regis and live like a rich man for a day or two. Rich for the day. Don't forget to take a picture. Then frame it up. The following day, when you are so poor and scraping at leftover food, you can tell your story to the sampah man that you were so rich you even stayed at St Regis. It's true and you have a picture to prove it.
  6. Go rob a bank (you see it in the movies all the time) and hide it. After your jail term, go dig it out.
  7. Go buy a lottery ticket (and wait, wait and pray hard)
  8. Borrow money but dont return
  9. Print your own money (Pile them up and wave it around you. no one will know it's fake money)
  10. Cash out your insurance (if you have)
  11. Go and see a hypnotherapist and ask him to hypnotize you so you think you are rich.
  12. Glue permanently a real silver spoon in your mouth. Now you are really born with a silver spoon. News spread and you'll be able to get rich with all the papparazi waiting to interview you
  13. Marry Bill Gates

Unless you have any other bright ideas, you can start saving. End of the day, you might live to a miserable 50 years old and then realise that it is impossible. Maybe just drop the idea! Happy New Year!!!


Headmaster~~~ said...

This was something that I used to write in my old blog regarding how to get rich...
Married an rich fat ugly unhappy and about to die old lady...
Then wait for her to die...

Anyway... Perhaps I should try your no 3 suggestion... Wuahaha... ^^...

Thavorn said...

How about guy marrying rich lady. no option there. Like paris hilton. oh like Anna nicole smith married old rich guy.

David (AKK) said...

haha... be a porn star... u mean macam our 61 yrs old malaysian chinese politician in batu pahat... haha...

Constance Chan said...


headmaster/thavorn - aiyo got lah both your options, on no. 1 Classic Case one...lol

akk - ya something like that.. and also one popular sgporean girl who was so popular in US.. what was her name cannot remember liao..

Taoju said...

I think it's too late for me now for option 1,2,3,6 & 13. The rest still can consider hahahahhaha