Lazy pair of artist's hands

Rae is attracted to Arts and Crafts.

But she is not very hardworking at it. She wants fast results and will colour, paint with haste. I've taught her some tricks about colouring and about colours. She would leave lots of whites in her colouring because she has a pair of lazy hands..

I shan't use the general word on her totally because her eyes works hard on the tv, her mouth is attracted to Junk food and she has flexible ears that twitches. Not sure where she got it from. And she has a mouth that can blab for hours. BUT she does have lazy hands.

Lately, she's drawn to animal drawings alot. She simply loves to draw cats. This is one of her school project to be pasted on her school art folder. She did a good job actually, with nice bright colours. I hope she will continue to do better in Art in future. Despite her favourite subject, she scored the worst in her report book last year for her final semestral exam, a B for Art. Because she says, she gets tired after all that colouring so she mostly leave them white or incomplete colouring. Yeah.. LAZY HANDS!


Sue said...

Nice oso the cat..

Eh..go check out my blog....got contest..

Ling That's Me said...

the drawing is very nicely coloured! where got lazy hands? :D

Constance Chan said...

sue and ling, tks for the compliments. :P

Kikey said...

the picture are very nice! good work!

Anonymous said...

wow! veli good ler Rae. She used the color beautifully, i really think this piece is a good work, Hoon.:-)


Constance Chan said...

thanks for your generous compliments too, kikkey and jipunabor!