Me and Mrs Jones

I was on the Gold 90.5 FM, a Singapore radio channel that I enjoy listening to. The song, Me and Mrs Jones came on and I remembered that this song was made into a popular song when Taufik Batisah, the first Singaporean Idol sang it to win the hearts of the many women. It was this song that made all of us sit up too. Well it became a favourite song of mine too. Hahaha.

Taufik had this very nasal voice when he sang it, compared to Michael's version. But I felt that it had passion. Michael's version was a little serious whereas Taufik's version had an edgy sort which I think is terribly sexy. I think he made so many Singaporean listeners swooned at his version and created a different perspective about extra marital affairs... lolol. I can tell you some of my women friends say they'd like to be that Mrs Jones. Would you?

So you all might want to listen to both version and tell me which one you like best. It's a personal preferance so it's up to you. Click on it and comment after you listen to both.. Thanks!

P/S: I also added a not too bad Billy Paul's version too. lol


Joze Foo said...

i prefer taufik one...i dont have to listen to the whole song to like taufik version. The beginning adi siao ki liao

jepunlauee said...

hehe..you are into songs now...
this Taufik guy voice is soft a bit like a woman's voice..hehe..but nice song ,he sang..

Kopi Soh said...

Hmm wud i want to be Mrs. Jones? Dunno leh, lau liao hami lang ai wa mah see ho :P