Karung Guni Man

We were going out for dinner the other day when we were caught in a minute jam at the traffic lights. The cars ahead was moving in a snail's pace. When our car was in front I finally realised why it had been so.

There was a karung guni man on the road!

What is a karung guni man?
A karung guni man is one of those rag and bone men that you can find in Singapore. He uses a hand-held horn to let the residents know he is around and offers to buy your old newspaper or reused or recycled things at a small price. They have little carts and they pushes it around the residential estates.

This karung guni man was holding up the traffic. Nor was he on a tricycle or in a truck. He was pushing his 2 wheel cart on the road. It was quite a sight. I was fumbling for my camera as fast as I could and only managed when we overtook him. So the only way to take is from the little side mirror on the car. Look at him wheeling his cart.

He was in the middle of the road if you look at the mirror reflection!


PEARLY said...

hi dear :
will link you in mine thank you for pop over I like you blog too will come ofter to Kay poh if you don't mind kekekke ;)

David (AKK) said...

Sometime I would hate them because they would shout with their loud voice when the time I was asleep during my off day / sunday morning... "To Lan" nia...