Captain Dazzle, Kids' Magician

There was a kids' magic show in the mall over the Christmas / New Year holidays. It was part of the weekend activity that had been arranged to bring the crowds. It was quite entertaining to watch Captan Dazzle with his funny tricks. He also gave away quite a few baloon sculptures and gifts to the mainly kids' audience. Quite a hit with the kids, he managed to make the laugeh and awed at his quick fingers. Intead of using those sponged balls the magicians does by making them appear from one's mouth, ears, and hair, he did that with lighted sponged balls. It was quite a sight too. And he finished them off by creating snow flakes at the end of his performance.

I think Captain Dazzle would be good for any kid's birthday party. He is quite hi-tech too. He uses an ipod to make announcement, effects and background music!

Captain Dazzle is Edmund Khong, a professional performer. Well, he made me laugh and I shall do him a great big favour by telling the world about him..

Extracted from his website...

"A professional performer, Edmund has studied the art of clowning in USA under world-famous mentors. As 'Bubbles' the Magic Clown and 'Captain Dazzle', Edmund has set himself apart as a unique personality and conjures his own unique brand of entertainment for children and family. His amazing range of skills includes physical comedy, clowning, magic, juggling, ventriloquism, balloon sculpturing, fire acts and stunts.

His professional services can be found here.

Nope, this is not a sponsored post.. My resolution in 2008, share a good thing if you think it's good!