Free Ringtones

There is a huge potential for ringtone services. How do you single out the one mobile phone company that stands out. Value added services and features are assets. A large clientele group that tends to compare these services look into costs and free downloads.

Cingular offers something that is a niche market. It has a large library of cingular ringtones offered FREE to it's subscribers. Many subscribers pay third party operators for downloads of ringtones. But not Cingular. Select the right one that your cell phone supports and you are on the way for the hippiest, trendiest ringtones from Cingular's library.

Check out other features like its attractive prepaid plans, of various mobile plans that don't expire for a whole year! Cingular also has it's own mobile phones with capabilities like a multimedia device - plays video and music, broadband connectivity, 2.0 mega pixel camera and more. Unique and Superior, Cingular is making waves.

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