Bad Guys Everywhere

Lately there has been so much news about Robbery, Car hijack, Rape, Kidnapping and Murder. What has the world come to? Has it gotten worse lately? What's the real feed about the recent lost kid in Penang? I read that she was missing on Wednesday. Has she been found? Kids get missing by a large numbers lately. Nowadays I hear alot of robberies in Johore as well. Also many developments in Johore now hire Gurhkas to guard their homes instead. Also some home owners group together to keep a watch around their neighbourhood. Aren't the police sending more patrols to help? Aren't they trained to handle these kind of situations?

Even driving in Johore is stressful when you think about all that. I've read so much stories about hijacking of car, robbery while on the move!

I also found this video on the metacafe website. This one is actually a commercial on tv in the US, if not wrong. But it shows how policemen can be such a fool too.

Stupid Cops In Action! - Click here for more home videos


Kacang Puteh said...

Hahaaa..Tht`s was really funee!Ya hoon!You were right!What a damn stupid police officers is tht!!!

Joze Foo said...

walau...the polices blind or what?