Need a New Room?

I was browzing for room furniture for my elder girl. I need to get her the right bed which she can grow into a young adult. It is the right time to dress up her room since she is already 7 years of age. I could do with some living room furniture myself... My sofa looked abit grubby now. I made a mistake of getting cream leather sofa the last time.. but I am still in love with white furniture.

I found this website which is simply amazing! It is an online shop for furniture. If you check out the site you will probably take hours to browze. I browzed into their sofa sectional page. Believe me, their collection is MASSIVE! You get almost every type of furniture, from the very classic to the simple modern ones. In general, the website appeared traditional, somewhat old fashioned. But if you are patient enough to wait for the pictures to load, you will see that they do have modern types. And they have pretty princess room sets too.

What I'd prefer is maybe to have them classify it into design categories instead of all bedrooms in a page. It would also be nice to see a large picture for a focus point. However the variety is really stunning. But they do compete with each other a lot and I probably had a hard time choosing. Even if you may not be getting any furniture now, it is worth to check out their layout and styles for ideas.

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