Effective Communications

Have you ever worked in a company and receives memos or notices that are passed around from employee to employee after having read or those that were pasted on the notice boards?

Some of these notices are there to relay a message to the employees but may not be effective at all. The top management do need to consider the fact that the employees do come from every level and the communication level is somehow different. Thus, these messages may not be heard and may not be as effective. If the above applies to the company you worked with, how can we communicate effectively then? Well, one way is through cartoons, animations and illustrations.

MaraStar Communications, is an online communications company that produces and distributes animated software products for an effective communication for organisations and companies. MaraStar Communications has created hundreds of animations, cartoons, motivational e-cards for various departments in the area of customer service, sales training, human resources and office professionalism. Many of MaraStar's customers are Trainers, Executives and Call Centre Management.

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The need to integrate humour into cartoons helps to communicate with the employee as it puts them in a better state of mind - relaxed and receptive. This is an indirect way to deal with stress management. Stress management control is an important factor to create a positive work environment, thereby improves company's performance greatly. In the service industry, a happy employee often translates into giving good customer service.

You can also send some motivational e-cards to your customers, colleagues, prospects and employess. There are so various types of cartoons and animations available including some customizable ones. Choose from their large selection from their website. They are so simple, just by adding text to their speech bubbles from their many scenes available.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
- Charles Chaplin

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