Cool and funky Scooter

Since the increase of Petrol, I've been thinking of ways to save petrol. My small car is such a petrol guzzler. Of course one easy way out would be to SELL MY CAR.. but come to think of it, I really don't have the heart to. Sydney, has been my companion for a some years. Through good times and bad times, I've seen and gotten used to her temperaments and also the time when the main auto lock got spoilt and I practically had to crawl out my car from the window... hahaha. It's just a 3dr hatchback but I love it to bits. However, the petrol has been climbing up, up, up.

An alternative to solve this hike of petrol is to change the mode of transport when bringing my girls to school. I have been thinking of getting a bicycle with a child's seat behind. But the task of going uphill is too daunting.. puff puff.. pant pant..
One other way I have thought of is getting a Scooter. I toyed with the idea for a while and started to browze for the Vespa Scooters online. You probably saw the antique Lambrettas in my previous post. Well I saw some very nice ones, which I dont think I can afford or even have the license to ride on. They are for the 250cc ones. I only have license for the under 150cc.
There was one particular model, suitable at only 100cc, quite nice and feminine too. The Vespa P100 (see the red scooter) - Nice, Funky and Affordable! Ah Boy commented that I should just stick to the Honda Cup series because the scooters weight tend to lean to one side. Agreed but how feminine can a lady look when you need to get up a bike.. sigh... That reminds me of riding my Honda Fame back in Penang long time ago...hahahaha
Vespa is an Italian made bike that became popular with its funky look and portability for cities with lots of small streets like Taiwan and France.


Vespa GT60. This is a limited edition scooter. Nice but I can't afford it!
Celebrate Vespa’s 60th Anniversary with a special Vespa of your own: the limited edition Vespa GT60. Only 999 units will be available worldwide—250 in the U.S.—with each one receiving a commemorative badge, personalized with the owner’s initials, identifying its limited production.

Sophisticated materials and customized elements have resulted in a unique, limited-edition product that will surely be a landmark in Vespa history. The Vespa's own history has directed every design choice. Cleverly re-interpreting some of the typical design and technical elements of vintage Vespas, particularly the earliest models of the 1940s and 1950s, this one-off vehicle evokes the romantic, timeless appeal of the Vespa. Uniting the past with the present, the GT60° combines a modern engine with vintage Vespa details for a classic vehicle made even more special with its limited production.


Dragon said...

I cannot imagine u take lea and rae on a motor.