Love that 'Binds'

Have you ever scratched your head looking for ideas as a gift? Sometimes we like to give things that comes from the heart and not a purchased product. Asians and Caucasians have different needs when it comes to wedding gifts. In Asia, mostly a Red Packet is a norm. However, in the western countries, personal gifts are given to the couple.

My friend who lives in France, will be getting married. I have been thinking hard to do up a little personal book for her. It would be a gift for the wedding couple. One of the things on my mind is to get some scrapbooking supplies, like papers, stickers and lots of materials for the cover and inside designs. There are so many who are in scrapbooking nowadays. Scrapbooking albums are very personal and interesting gifts. Add some photographs to create your theme.

But the problem usually is, after having done with the pages, how do we get it binded? Problem solved! I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a company that sells binding machines. Well, not those kind of machines where you punches the hole and then loop the pages with a circular plasic thingy. This one that I found is one that binds your books like in a publishing or printer house in a professional way. It glues your pages together at the end with heat. No holes involved. Nice and Neat!

Apparently you can now purchase these perfect binding machines desktop size. One that is suitable for home use or small offices. If you work in an office that does desktop publishing, you will find this really handy. You can now get your mock-ups all done up in a professional manner. This is very important since you want your presentation to be as real as the end product. All you need is to print out your designs and the machine does a fantastic job of a perfect bind. Choose from a variety of different machine sizes to suit the required production for your business.

Other than the document binding machines, you can also get a selection of their covers for that professional look. For an impressive look, you might want to get your covers specially custom made with printing or embossing. This is really good for the large corporations and companies who holds meetings, seminars and presentations.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the system from Coverbind is good but I prefer the system from Binding Systems of America. Their covers work great and they have a huge selection of covers.