Frederik Magle - Beautiful masterpieces

I was exposed to Classical Music when I was very young because my neighbour was a Piano teacher. She is on the piano in the early hours in the morning and sometimes plays very beautiful pieces in the evening. It had a soothing effect on me, which acts as an anti stress method for me to tune in to classical music when I am stressed. I grew up listening to her pieces and students' recitals for as long as 16 years. She left quite an impression on me and left me searching for familiar piano tunes on cds when I left home for further education.

Recently I found this website which contain full works of composer Frederik Magle. In order to listen to his masterpieces, I registered in his website and downloaded and listened to his several beautiful works of art. One was The Hope. If you are a movie buff, you might agree with me that it is a beautiful piece, intense yet moving. It displays an expression of anxiety building up and met by the inspiring beautiful sounds of choir.

The other piece that I heard was Cantelina. This one actually reminded me a little of Lord of the Rings. It also reminded me of some folk music of Scottish or the region. It sounded very enchanting and brings me into the world of dreams and fairy tales. I really love this one. It has this 'And they lived happily ever after' notion.

You have to listen to Frederik Magle's pieces to really feel it. There is so much depth and emotion in his pieces. His music downloads are also available in 128kbps and high quality 320kbps mp3 formats.

This post was brought to you by Magle