Funny Show in Japan

Japanese people are quite creative. They have very good packaging designs, cool colour combinations, fantastic food presentation and their technology are very advanced and updated. The world has evolved so much with Japanese influence over these years.

There is this show in Japan that is very creative. They use people and props to act out an abstract scene to the audience. I think nowadays, other countries even Singapore tries to imitate shows like that. Somehow the bulk of the creativity still comes from Japan. Watch this one below.. It is really a good one. I think Kacang, Jepunlauee, Jipunabor and Tina would probably have enjoyed this since they have all been married to Japan?

Funniest Show In The World - These bloopers are hilarious


Kacang Puteh said...

Ya hoon!we use to have like this show everytime in our tv,ya,they are really good in all those ideas,if the one who get the vote high point they will get the prize of cash,this program is quite interesting!i like it.

Joze Foo said...

i watch something like this from the taiwan game show.

Anonymous said...

Ya, i like this programme too, very interesting and very creative too. btw, Tina, i know a Penangite living in Japan also named Tina with a son, could they be the same person we know?! ;-)