Oh please don't let it die...

I was out and busy since this morning. Errands to run. I had to make a trip to the bank to drop a cheque. I also wanted to open the Mighty Savers Account for the girls because the promotion on kids' channel has been very encouraging. My elder is finally saving her school allowance because of this. I also needed to drop by Sony Ericsson Service Centre at Toh Guan to see if my DIED SE K800i can be salvaged.

After my brunch, instead of going to the Service Centre, I made a detour to a handphone repair clinic near the banks. Well, one news that brought me hope was, I MAY be able to get handphone in working condition. By TOMORROW! I went to a handphone repair shop this morning and the fella in the shop says my handset problem is due to the faulty LCD and firmware. Well he said he can do it for me at $90. I wasn't sure what the market price is but as long as its not above $100 I'm fine with it. I heard that Sony Ericsson charges about $30 odd dollars of service fee/consultation on top of the repair charges. And the period to collect will take as long as up to a month! Since I miss my handphone so much.. I thought just let him repair it for me. After all, my warranty has been over by 3 months.

I am now crossing my fingers that it will be alright tomorrow. Ah Boy did a comparison photo quality shoot recently with his colleage who has the N95. After the shot, it turned out that his K850i has better photos. That is probably why my first choice will always stick to Sony Ericsson. Once my phone is up and running, I probably will plan to trade in that in the next couple of months for one of these choices from the most wanted to in this order:

1. Sony Ericsson T650i (funky with sony's pic quality)

2. Sony Ericsson K850i (not the design, best pic quality)

3. Sony Ericsson K810i (still a cybershot)

4 Nokia N93i (quality and looks cool)

5 Nokia N82 (not for the design but quality and gps support)


Dragon said...

i want K850i!!!