Unlimited Calling Plan for the World

I was pleasantly surprised when I read about a new phone plan which I can use for my overseas calls. It is a latest call plan, launched for PC users on broadband. What is unique and stands out from most call plans that I know is they have an Unlimited Calling Plan to any destination around the world at low price of $29.99 per month. If you use your phone often for business and contacts out of your country, you will definitely find this a steal!

It uses an adapter connected to your telephone. This phone adapter is FREE ($69 value) and with it's fast and easy installation, you will have your connection set up in no time!

If you are not a heavy user, you can just sign up a pay as you go low basic rate of only $6.99 per month. Their calls can be made free from pc to pc like others. However, THEIR WINNING POINT is they can also be made FREE from PC to Phone by just a simple download of an application.

For limited time now, new customers get a $30 sign up bonus.

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