Amusement games

My girls like to go to the amusement centres. They usually like to try the "UFO Catcher' but unfortunately those are very difficult for them. The grip is usually loose and you need to really get a good angle and grip so the toys doesn't slip off.

We really spend alot on these because the girls pester daddy and myself to get the soft toys. Other than the UFO Catcher, we go for the Confectionary UFO where you scoop the confectionary to drop on the mobile sections and the sweets would then be pushed down as your rewards. Every swipe or play is S$1 so if you play up to S$10 you get alot of sweets and stuff at the end of it. Rae loves to play on the drums and table hockey.

Check out some experts at the UFO catcher. Might pick up some tips or two here.