Secure your home

Keeping the family safe from harm is always at the back of my mind. Lately there has been many cases of robbery and theft. Although generally our neighbourhood is safe, we should never let our guards down. The gates, windows and even the apartment garbage chute are openings that are still permissable to break-in. Thefts can be smarter than you think. They have tools for almost every type of locks or even master keys. That is why some robbery do not even show signs of break-ins.

A good Home Security system should be the basis of every home, be it an apartment, or landed house. What kind of security system is available in the market now? Most people would think of alarms. But actually there are more ways, one can fool-proof their homes from theft. It always starts from inside our homes, like keeping valuable possesions out of prying eyes, and build a good network of neighbours that you trust to keep an eye among yourselves.

With the Lunar New Year coming up, it is time to keep a closer watch on your family home. Keeping your doors open for the Fortune God's arrival is auspiscious to Chinese New Year but monitor your home closely.


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