Singapore Zoological Gardens

The Zoo Map Upon Entrance

3 weeks ago, I was at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. I realised that I had yet to post the pictures though I had quite a few pictures on my previous trips in 2006. There were none in this blog since they were posted in multiply. So this time, fresh new zoo pictures since I couldn't be bothered to copy them out from my extermal hd. I didn't really take many pictures of the animals since I had taken quite alot in my previous trips. The ones i took the recent weeks were mainly still exhibits and signages, which I found interesting.

This is the where the Zoo Trams stops to pick up the visitors. There are several Tram stops in the zoo. Each ride has a short commentary and stops for alighting so that you won't find yourself too tired. But normally I prefer not to take the trams because you will miss alot of animal exhibits, well unless you've seen them before or are the type who plan just to sit on the tram only and too lazy for the walk!

This sculpture caught my eye. I think it had been there for years? But this time I was not looking at the animals so i found this tied to the beams, near the souvenior shop near the entrance.

What can I say, the Zoo Loo has always been fascinating to me! They were the first few loos in Singapore that had themes for at least ten over years before shopping centres started to mimick them.

That's all for this post. I shan't make this too lengthy so that it is easier to digest. Shall post up more pics in few separate posts.



Headmaster~~~ said...

Never been to the zoo...
But I think I will prefer the Botanical Garden than the zoo...

David (AKK) said...

Thanks for sharing... I had been 7 years liao didnt go to zoo liao... Dunno was there a big changed or not?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by in my blog. Would you do link exchange with me ?

Btw, I did one time went to Singapore zoo, but pity it was raining, so I could not do anything except sitting in the fast food corner there. :)