Tubus Racing to Set the World by Storm

If you are into motorsports competition, you will find this exciting. Tubus Racing team, led by Driver Pelle Wallentheim and Navigator Olle Ohlsson is going to take on the exciting Dakar challenge under the sponsorship from Isuzu.

In the 29 year old history of this race they are proudly the second Swedish Team in the Dakar challenge. Do you think the Tubus Racing team have all it takes to prove to the world? With Pelle's over 20 years of motorsport competition experience and Olle being the most experienced Cross Country Rally competitor, this team has everything a motorsports team could ask for. Read about their journey they will be heading to win Sweden and her people proud. There is a gallery of photographs taken during their 2007 Australian Safari. Also do vote for designs you think will look good to be featured on the 3.0 liter turbo diesel ISUZU D-Max, the team car.

Besides running for extreme sports activity, Pelle is also creating an AWARENESS that he being a Cancer survivor is set to accomplish anything one has set out to do. Give him your full support for his heroic standing.

This post was brought to you by Tubus Racing