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The computer emits about 17.57g of CO2, for a personal usage. If you were to multiply that with the number of people in the world using a personal computer, can you actually digest the amount of CO2 emission released into our environment? Our Planet is facing a crisis of Global Warming with Greenhouse gasses and other sources of pollution. As an online blogger and Internet user, you can help by being a Carbon Neutral Search Engine user.

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Make the Carbon Neutral Search Engine your regular search engine. Each search will see an offset of as much as 300g of carbon dioxide. This offsetting is done through a leading offsetting organisation - Climate Care, through projects in reforestation, energy efficiency and also investing in renewable energy technology. Lets protect our environment with a good cause. Adopt Carbon Neutral Search Engine now. You can also see the up-date-exact emissions that can be viewed on the Carbon Neutral Search Engine home page.

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