Old Tin Toys

I remembered in the early years when I was young, I used to play with hand-me-down toys from my sis or cousins.

My cousins have crates and crates of toys and they were a good 4 to 10 years older than me. Visiting them was a happy time. I'd go through their toy box like looking for treasures, and every find inside were just delightful.

The kind of toys in those times were so different from now. These days, we have lots of realistic toys, toys for gross motor skills and remote control ones. The toys in the olden days were either DIY or tin toys.

An old colleague of mine is a collector of antique tin toys. Check out these tin toys i found on the internet. These are the common ones that I remembered playing with, growing up.


Tot's Mom said...

I remember having one of those robots. Now you are bringing back memories...

zooropa said...

Yeah, i think i saw the monkey cycling & d bear playing drums!