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The first news that hit me hard after the New Year holiday was knowing that the nursery/childcare that my girls attended (my elder)/attends, is going to see a change of hands. This is something that was really unexpected. The change will come at the end of the first term.

The directors had to do this as a last resort since the market for such childcare services had come to a saturated point for the estate as well as the addtional childcare centres that had sprung up in recent years. Because of this, everyone had a small piece of the pie in the market. That cause an alarm to the operators (in this childcare) that is causing the profits to dwindle over the last 3 years and thus is the best move although they have been holding out for the last 2 years.

Business Risks
In business, one cannot predict any external influence that will affect your business. Having gone into business before in the early 2000s, we sometimes find ourselves strapped for cash flow. In Singapore, at that part of the time, it is very difficult to get any advance loan nor any business loans unless you have been in business in the past years (you need to show your experience in the business record) and you have must put in a collateral with the banks.

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For some who may be interested to start a small business, they offer Unsecured Small Business Loans of anything from $10,000 to $100,000. Browze through their website and check out their benefits they offer. They have professional staff which you can call for free consultation.

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