Young Scientists Program

Rae came back from school with lots of forms lately. Forms for activities from school and enrichments and purchase of school accessories. The last two weeks in school, there were forms of consents like joining the brownie, English speech and drama, remedial classes and etc.

On Thursday, she gave me another letter for for a Science Program. It was the Young Scientist activity program. I remembered she had one last year in the first quarter of the school year. She did the Young Zoologist program for Primary Ones. She had to surf online, go to the zoos and do posters, read up and do research on zoo animals. It was no easy task, really. For a primary one to draw like 5 types of spiders, write about them, give 10 examples of hoof animals, do research on difference between monkeys and apes, write about land animals living on land and sea, it was alot of job. There are more actually because they only earn about 1, 2 or 3 stars maximum. They need to complete minimum of 20 stars to get the badge. It was alot of work. It think it was as many as about 12 projects or more just to earn 20 stars, minimum. I remembered I was near to pulling my hair at both ends!

This year she has to complete the Young Scientists program again. For Primary Twos, it is Young Ornithologist. Errr.. what was that? Well I had to search online to find that out. So it is education for me too. I haven't seen the task card yet. I am dreading it actually...hahaha.

Above: Badges for Science Activities for School Children
For your information, AND MINE
What is an Ornithologist?

An ornithologist is a scientist who studies birds (ornithology) in an academic setting and has made birds his or her specialty. Ornithologists participate in scientific studies of all aspects of the natural history of birds, both living and extinct. Ornithologists continually add to our knowledge of birds and help guide bird conservation efforts.

If you would like to get your child involved in this program, here is the link. Completed projects which are selected will be displayed in the Singapore Science Centre.