Men and their health

Fear of bad news, or anxiety of possible poor health, men do shy away from seeing their doctor.

"You cannot believe it can happen to you"

Well, that is one denial in most men when it comes to some health problems. Women grow up with different mind-set. They build up a degree of comfort with the family doctor after going through visits since puberty for menstruation problems, pregnancy, birth control, pap smears and also mammograms.

The number of men who prefer to be in denial seemed to be alarming when it comes to dealing with issues like erectile dysfunction. Some men sees illness as a weakness because they like to see themselves as man of the house, and refuse to acknowledge their vulnerability. The best advice would be to see your family doctor. However, some are still unable to bring up questions they have in mind or has some difficulty in the terms of trying to put together a sentence or query that they themselves have trouble understanding.

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