Mandarin Oranges

It is close to Chinese New Year. I was in Giant over the weekend. The fruit section was packed like sardines. Cartons and cartons of fruits were grabbed so quickly as if they were free. Is it spring time in China during Chinese New Year? I love oranges and mandarin oranges. There are so many variety or mandarins and related citrus available in the market. Teochew mandarins, Lukans, Pakistan mandarins, Satsumas(mikan - Japan), Kumquats, the small Emperor mandarins.

I bought about 2 and half kilos of the mini Emperor Mandarins because they were seedless and was sooo juicy and sweet. The skin was also thin and easy to peel. It was cheap at $1.70 per kilo.

Do you know which country is the top producer for Mandarin Oranges? The top producer is, China, followed by Spain, Brazil, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Argentina and Pakistan holding the 10th spot.

Which is your favourite type of Mandarin oranges?


Joze Foo said...

i oso like the mini emperor orange oso...so sweet...so ho chiak

Tau Sar Phneah said...

i duno wats the name for all the oranges..just love the seedless and big wan...i think they called it honey lukam or sumting...well i get to eat it soooonnnn...hehe..

Constance Chan said...

ya they have tat too. Honey Lukans..love them all

David (AKK) said...

I not very sure which type, but I like that one "tua Tua liap" & if it's doesnt taste too sour, thats fine for me... hehe :p

Health Freak Mommy said...

I LOVE the mini emperor oranges and I make sure I have a bag of it in my fridge every week. I'm hook on them!