Kopi Soh gave me this award. Well not sure if am suppose to wait for the Award Ceremony first, I'd already 'Save' into my PC. After all, not everyday I get award, you know. Maybe like those Caning Award from Mumsie. But Chiak aneh lao never get such an interesting award. Of course I feel proud lah. Who wouldn't be. Thank you Kopi Soh. I buy you one Chilly Crab Dinner, ya? Can we arrange an official ceremony with Picture Taking not. I also want to put up my blog ma..

Oh ya...kopi soh.. at first I tot it was Boobalicious blog wor... Maybe doing too many breast augmentation posts till blur blur.


Ling That's Me said...

congrats on ur award ! :)

David (AKK) said...

haha... congratulation to you too ;)

Kopi Soh said...

ROFL, wakakakaka, if a BOOB a licious Award wa ma nah ae hor Ang Ku KUeh?????? U crack me up lar.

Constance Chan said...

ling, david, thanks for the wishes!

kopi soh, hahaha ya i dunno why my bat chiu hua ki liao... old age syndrome