My Trusty Old Handphone

It was a day of fun and sun, today being Sunday. We were going to the Singapore Zoological Gardens. We've been there quite a few times, but somehow we don't cover the whole zoo because it is a big place. And when you have children, they get tired easily. We'd usually take leisurely walks and turn a different route with every visit. After all the family goes for free being Friends of the Zoo member. If you apply for it, it is unlimited numbers of visits. Carpark is free too.

Wanted to be early actually. Ah Boy said we should be leaving the house as early as 7am...Yawn. Well, it wasn't easy to get everyone ready, especially Ah Boy himself. I was up by 7am, an hour later than most mornings but the rest were still asleep. So I just took my time doing my own stuff and taking my shower. About 8am only did they started to get animated. So I went to pack the stuff like some change of clothes just in case the girls wants to play in the Kids' area and Playground. We took off finally about 9.30pm but headed to Jurong, instead. I just had to do something... to pick up my handphone! Reaching there, we had breakfast at the coffeeshop nearby because the shop wasn't opened yet. We asked the tenant next door and she said they usually opened about 11am. Gosh! What a long wait!

We just walked around and did some browzing in the estate. At 11am, I was just so excited and went on to collect my mobile!! Yippeee! Hurrayyy! I finally got my trusty old mobile, How I missed it terribly! I didn't bring my external memory card with me but I had my temp Nokia with me to try on the sim card. It was alright. I still have my phone nos intact because they were in the sim memory anyway. And my pictures and recently taken shots should still be safe in my external memory card at home...

So, it was a happy day for me. Zoo was alright, I could test my mobile on lots of shots but not too many since I was using the internal memory. Zoo pics will be posted soon, together with other posts with pics from my external memory card.


David (AKK) said...

I haven't been to Zoo since few years ago... If got chance can try to visit to night safari too... very "shiok" also... :)