Donny and Marie Osmond

How many of you have heard of Donny and Marie Osmond? I grew up during those times when it was played on TV on Saturday prime time. There were no candy pops nor anything like Britney Spears. These were a whole lot different. Singers in those days were multi-talented in Singing, Dancing and Comedian roles. It was the Must Watch Entertainment!

Together with The Osmonds, they were such a hit. Marie was the only girl in the family of boys - Alan, Merrill, Jay, Wayne, Virl, Donny and little Jimmy. At that time girls were desperately in love with The Osmonds. The Donny and Marie Show was so popular, kids in my school were buying Donny and Marie commercially packed wafers that had little numbers on papers in them. We collected them and exchanged for their postcard collection. Wafers were thrown away!

Watch this. Some clips from YouTube


Dragon said...

maybe they know me, but hor, i dont know them la....

Health Freak Mommy said...

I grew up listening to D&M too... and I still remember I had a t-shirt with the picture of D&M when I was 6 years old :)