Humourous Novelties

Thought I might like to share what I saw selling online recently.. some cute novelties. I'm sure it will put a smile on your face. Look at the toddler hanging by the window for cars! I think this will be good for those who just got a new car. Get this for Christmas or a housewarming gift?

And look at those toilet brushes.. They are just so funny. I wonder if the inventor got an earful for designing such a brush! lololol

Lastly look at the brain moulds! I'd love to get those and make agar agar with them.. or how about some pudding..hehehe

These gifts sure to be the hot topic should you get them as gifts. Not only will your friends rememeber you for a long long time, but they may ask to get more of those! Such a prank!


siao zha bor said...

love the toilet brush. if only i could get one with my boss' face on it...

Constance Chan said...

siao zha bor, when u get one with yr boss' face, make sure u don't invite him/her to yr house or use the toilet..hahaha