Annoying Callers

In the past few months, I have been receiving this call from a lady who speaks Mandarin. Her accent did not sound local at all, and it sounded more like Mandarin from China's provinces. The first time I heard her call, I patronized her, until I realized that it could be a scam. She told me that I had won a great amount of money and that she will need to bank it into my account. And to do so, I will need to pay some money for the charges such as administrative charges, telegraphic transfer and so forth. Of course I would not be silly to do that. I told her, I am not interested and ended the call abruptly because she just kept on talking aggressively.

Then 2 weeks after this call, she had called again. She had totally forgotten about her previous call and tried to pull the same trick again. I just spoke to her in English and told her I didn't understand what she was saying and asked if she will explain in English, of course, with that she told me 'Oh, sorry, wrong number,' in haltingly spoken English. She did not end her calls as after several weeks later, I get the same call from her again and I blocked this number off my mobile after that.

Calls like these are very irritating. I had been receiving calls from annoying telemarketers who used tricks like "You been chosen to receive some gifts or vouchers.." and that in order to pick them up, I have to agree to sit down to an hour long talk. I've heard of people who wanted to pick up these gifts and were actually locked in to avoid them leaving the room unless they stayed to buy some time share plans. Some of these marketers can be rude when you tell them you aren't interested.

These calls have numbers reflected on our caller-ids. If you would like to know if these numbers have been reported as scams or who they are, you can go to AnnoyingCallers.com and look at the listed numbers posted. This website lets you post up the numbers of annoying callers up on their site. Write about your bad experience about these people and warn others about their bad intentions. Or find out if they have already been making calls to others. This way, if you receive such calls you can block them off in advance.


Joze Foo said...

yala...nowadays this scammers target those housewife...they tot housewife are naive and easy to trick. But still i know somebody that fall for their trick~~