Miniature Coke Collection

I was at the petrol station topping up this morning and while queing at the cashier, I saw this really cute stuff. I used to be a Coke fan and would collect the different types of Coke bottles and cans from other countries. My favourites are mostly the mini cans of coke that you usually get on the plane. Then I also love those coke that comes in cans but shaped like a bottle, from Japan.
Imagine my delight when I saw this at 7-eleven at the petrol kiosk this morning. It was a box of miniature cokes and food items. They were so cute, really small. I got a box and went home like an excited kid opening to check what is inside the box.

See how small they are!
I placed a little ruler that measures in cm.

They have about 8 different collections altogether. I might just buy them all and also the little rack for displaying these items! There are versions of coke with hot dogs, pizzas, nuggets, spaghetti and more! I got the Noodles and Fishball collection for a start. Anyone knows if it is available in your country?

There were also many Formula 1 premiums on sale as Singapore is going to host the Formula 1 night race in the third week of September soon!


cc said...

Those are just adorable! I love miniatures. :) If only they are available over here.

Hello, first time visiting. :)