That Retro Feel

The pasar malam is here again. My girls pestered me to bring them of course. Pasar Malam is different from those in Malaysia that I've been to. Singapore ones are usually lined at the roadside, and spills into the void decks of flats in the neighbourhood. It can be fun for some, or noisy for those who are living just on the block where it is. But they are usually there for as few as 3 days to about a week or more.

As usual, the girls pestered to go on those rides and games. I've brought Rae there for the 3rd time this week. Today is the last day of the bazaar. They picked up snacks like those skewered sticks of food, drinks, and lots of things to buy.

I was amused by this stall that sells drinks in bottles. I think it has been a long time seeing such drinks that comes in bottles. Nowadays soft drinks are usually in PET bottles (plastic) or in tin cans. These are all brought in from Thai or Philippines. They are small bottles of cokes, sprites, fanta in many flavours.


amycheah said...

here in m'sia got sell in gaint hyper-market lo.

Tammy said...

They sell the small glass bottles of Coke here and the kids love them above the cans.