Mooncake Pile Up

Another mooncake to top on that stack of uneaten mooncakes. Gosh, these stuff keeps coming in. This time this one is a little more traditional. The box is just normal looking printed with a traditional Chinese print and chinese words. Hmm, Nope I don't read chinese so I can't understand those words.. is that a poem? something that rhymes? I thought it is great to post these mooncakes on my blog because at least along the coming years, I have some memories on what kind of mooncake gifts I have received, over the years.

This one is from Leong Sang Hong Kong Pastries at Sago Street. I think this one is the one close to Tai Zhong Kok, the traditional one that we used to buy for years. I remember when I worked nearby there was one that a friend recommended and said belong to a Hong Kong Boss.

Anyone wants to come over for some mooncakes and tea?


Tammy said...

I will, I will!!! :o)

Kikey Loo said...

i want moon cake!!
the box is nice! :)