Rooms In Your Garden

Whenever I bring the girls to the zoo, we sometimes take a little rest at a little indoor shed located along the way. Those are little indoor huts, built to make zoo trips more comfortable as they are air conditioned and also it also helps to get shelter from the rain too. I always thought these shelter areas are a good idea. And I definitely would love to have one outdoor at mom's place if she don't mind giving up the old worn out garage. We do not need the garage because it is basically just a storage space and full of junk collected over the years.

I came across this website that actually build something what they call, a garden room. Small like a room or customized slightly larger, it can be built up like an indoor shelter, an extra space for the kids play area or even use it for your little barbeque dining area. The smallest build up area is 8 sq metres and it can be built to as large as 30 sq metres.

The Garden Escape, the company that specializes in this brilliant product, offers many different designs for different functions. A condo development can build this to house gym equipments, sauna, house developer can also have this build near development sites for their temporary offices and schools can even have them for arts and crafts room or a little library.

I definitely would love to have them as a little space for painting and craftwork. Wiring, power points, water and telephone access points can be arranged for these little garden rooms too. There is no limitation. Imagine how wonderful to have a little comfortable piece of heaven in your garden. Wouldn't you like that?


Nick Phillips said...

Gee, that is a great idea la. It would be great for a nice small place to make as my work room :D