The Culture That Makes Up Emo

Call me old-fashioned but I had no idea what Emo meant until now. I've always thought this word derived from the original English word - Emotional, so if you tell me about Emo, I'd probably liken it to a feeling of desperation or sensitivity that ends up in anger, sadness or even tears.

Then I did a little research on this context and found out that a culture trend called Emo was born in the first influence since the 80's. It started as a personal experimentation of a hardcore punk style of music and evolved into a stereotype trend or fashion this millennium age. To find out what Emo cultures are about, a chat room called Emo Chat had been created for all those with a passion or curiosity towards this trend and fashion.

Emos have also been presumed as bisexual or homosexual due to the style of fashion. However, most of teenagers I see embraced the Emo culture as only a design or trend to feel cool in. They usually have their hair done up with long fringe, bangs or curls covering part of their face or eye, dark black hair, tight jeans, thick black rimmed glasses, belt buckles. Some of those who dressed up in Emo culture are also in the design industry.


Umbrella Rec said...

Emo is a REJECT of the modern underground music scene. Emo is originated from Goth but done for the sake of fashion. Sorry that I despise all trends and fashion which are created by capitalists for the sake of money making and conning the young people.