Laptops Are Great

Laptops are great working companions. You can kill time while waiting for appointments sourcing for important information, check your email or even watch DVD in the car. As there are wifi connections in many buildings and restaurant, it is wonderful to get online with a friend on Skype who is far away in another country.

Long before I bought my Asus laptop, I had been sourcing out particularly for the asus eee pc from stores. I had no idea what to look for in a laptop and there were many different sites that provided different reviews that were conflicting. I needed to compare price for the same model and also which stores can offer a better deal. It was through a website that enable me to understand and set priorities for my needs in a laptop and the features a laptop may have. I then decided that what I really need is basically a lightweight, portable and basic. It was hard trying to choose between many reputable brands like the HP, Sony and even the Toshiba laptops. They each have their strengths in a particular feature, design and frills. My choice for my selection was budget that rules above all, thus I chose the Asus that also has many great features plus an attractive price to boot.

So, in future, if you really need to do a proper research, Savebuckets is a great place that puts your mind at ease. Besides laptop reviews and comparisons, they even have great tips on buying guides.


U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, may I suggest you take a look at Apple's Macbook?
I was on Windows 14 years! And as my old, jurassic computer that old and dying of IT cancer, I did research and studies, as well kept my eyes open when seeing TV newsrooms what PC's they have....then learned that Apple computers no worries about viruses etc.

I bought my Apple Imac 24 three months ago....and have forgotten the word 'virus, trojans, spybots, malicious cookies'.
Apple pc's are wayyyyy more advanced than many on the market....check it out.
Here lots of people have switched to Apple, Macbooks as well Imacs.
You keep well, Lee.

Constance said...

U. Lee - you know i totally agree with you about Apple Macintoshes. In fact, i've been on Apple since end 80s for more than a decade.

I only switched to using the PC three years ago cos my apples were starting to wear out. My last owned Ibook also showed signs of almost kaput lifespan in the last 2 years and I just used hubby's pc till recently he 'sponsored' me a laptop...hahha free barang cannot complain.. cos if choose, i'd rather get apple..

Anonymous said...

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