Murphy's Law. My Washer is Broken too.

The end is here. My washer died. In the past few weeks, it had been giving me problems. We got this in early 2000 so it should be close to 7 or 8 years old by now. This is the second of the same model that we bought in the last 14 years. We liked this washer because it has a stainless steel drum and the operation similar to the front loading except that the opening is from top. When I first got this, I couldn't believe my eyes when the advertisement showed a raw egg with a lipstick stain being placed to be washed. End of the cycle, the stain was washed and the egg wasn't broken. So when our first Thomson showed signs of stress after 7 years, we got another of similar model.

The new Thomson washers can only take at most 5.5kg and both the ones previously we have been using are only 5kg in capacity because it was bought in before or early 2000. Now the belt doesn't hold the stainless steel drum down and when it spins, you probably think that some one is using a cake mixer! It is so loud. The past two weeks, at the end of the spin cycle, it trips the house power down. We definitely need a new washer. This one has to go. It consumes electricity and water for this model. But I liked it's features and the hot water mode alot.

So last Sunday we decided to get a Japanese brand to replace it instead. The Government is now encouraging those models with the 'tick' sign for energy savings and also water saving feature. European brands that we saw in Courts, Best Denki and Harvey Norman did not have these features. Many of them recommended Japanese or Korean models. We were torn between the Hitachi and Sanyo but decided that the Sanyo design is much more pleasing to the eyes. I didn't like the Hitachi ones because there are too many lines and designs on top. I prefer something streamlined and simple.

My new washer was delivered yesterday. It looks good and small compares to other bulky models but none can ever be compared with Thomson, of course. We had to dismantle the shelving cabinet for extra 4" of space our Thomson was only 16 inches wide and the new one is 20 inches wide.

The width of my old Thomson model was only 16" wide
My new Sanyo is 20" wide (no hot water feature)


jepunlauee said...

I love to use a big size washing machine,mine is 8 kgs..so I can sometimes wash my blankets,even bedsheets...