Feeling Peckish?

I bought a box of these to snack on last week. And I am really addicted to it. It tastes great with those dips. I get my self creamy cheese in a tub. It goes well with sour cream too. Each pack comes in four individual smaller packs. I usually keep them in my bag in case I feel peckish.. If only they have dips in small packs too.. hahaha I know, that is a lot to ask for. I think Kraft Foods sell some little snack biscuits with cheese or a dip too.

You should try them. I think these are great for parties too.


jepunlauee said...

hey,we also have this brand of "pretz"..do you know they also come in many flavour?? Like in "salad","butter","cheeze","commsonne","garlic" and also "fried potatoes" flavours..

Constance Chan said...

ya i think i saw some other flavours too. the salad one is also not bad but i've not tried others yet. wah also have consomme ka... is tat considered beef ah?