Breaking Up

Superstars live a different life from us. With their tight schedule and work, it is common to find them changing married partners every now and then. There are some marriages that lasts but you read the gossip collumns and find them with a new wife or husband ever so often. There are some who marry in record number of times. Brad Pitt was among the widely talked about when it comes to her marriage with Jennifer Aniston. Who am I to say about their marriage but I could never get over it when they did break up. I thought they were the best couple ever. It was the same with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. These two couples seemed perfect. I'm sure you will be able to find more information on anyone's marriage from the Divorce Records database. These cover all states and county in the United States.


jepunlauee said...

Ya..I also tot Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is the best couple..really can't imagine what he love about tat"penelope"..yakks..

Constance Chan said...

*bitching* i totally agree with you Jepunlauee... yucks to others.. i like Tom and Nicole the best. not with the 'other' woman, i think he doesn't deserve Nicole in the first place. *bitch and moan* *evil laugh*