Mid Autumn Festival

The Mid Autumn Festival month started 31st of August. Has anyone been eating Moon Cakes yet? Any good recommendations? We got our first moon cake just few days ago. I'm not really keen in moon cakes unless they are filled with salted yolks. With it, it takes away the sweetness of the lotus paste. I used to love one that comes in butter pastry and has macadamia nuts in them. If I remember correctly, they were made by a confectionery shop named Le Chocolatier and I used to buy them at the basement of Plaza Singapura in the early 90s. Those were the only ones I enjoy eating but I don't think they exist anymore. What a pity. They sell the best and least sweet mooncakes, ever!

Now I just go for the 'piggy' biscuits that has no filling. I love those and eat them with hot coffee.

Here's what hubby brought home days ago.