A Day Full of Rides

At the trip to Vivocity, the kids had fun. In a single day alone, they covered so much on transportation theme. How coincidental because Lea's nursery theme for the final term is about transportation.

Before we reached Vivo, we stopped across the mall for lunch at the old food centre just across the road. This is one of the oldest food centre in Singapore and was especially popular when World Trade Centre was buzzling with activity and exhibitions. It is the place for many tourists and local to try the local food and also the place where the bus interchange is. The old interchange still exists, this is the final stop before one can take a cable car ride to Sentosa or just go across for a monorail ride to Sentosa Island, via Vivocity.

Well, the girls have not really been on the bus more than what you can count your fingers on a single hand. I plan to take them for a bus expedition one day in the final term holiday. The Singapore bus is extremely efficient, I have to admit. With MioTV for your entertaining pleasure (watch Sg local dramas) or just surf on the internet. Yes we have WiFi on our buses! Don't forget to bring your UMPC or Laptop!

If the girls were disappointed they didn't get to ride on the buses, fret not. They got to go on the bike. Lea loves it and rode 'around' with Rae being the passenger. They had fun even if it was just holding on to the handles... hahaha

Perhaps after all that bike rides, one can try out Formula One (F1) racing. Race against each other or with other drivers. Do you want to try it?

Oops! I forgot to mention that these are miniature version!

When they got tired, off to the moon they go. How about that? A rocket ship will do nicely! Take turns, please! There's only room for one! Lea squeezing in!

And when things get a little lazy, they can always rely on the Singapore taxis that comes in many refreshing colours. The taxis are all waiting for passengers. Our rides usually start from about S$3.20 for initial flagging fee and more for On Call Cabs. You can ride on a luxury cab if it so happens that the flagged one is a Merz. We do have some London Cabs but they seemed to be a rarity nowadays. With fuel costs rising we have lots of cabs that runs on CNG. Most of these are the Honda Airwave, Honda Stream, Toyota Wish.

When the day is done, what is the next best thing? Go home get a warm bath and zzzzz!



wifi on buses - wow! here in kl, public transportation is totally pathetic! glad you guys had a great time!

Kikey Loo said...

can tell u guys had fun!! :D
i love rides too... :p

Tammy said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!