Want to eat Thaksin Beef Noodle

Politics sure is hot. The names that are linked to them are spicy hot too. Guess what I found when I was at a food centre over the weekend. A stall that sells Thaksin Beef Noodle. What actually cracks me up was the tagline that says:

We are bullish about beefing you.

*makes me laugh so hard!!*

This seller seems to like everything about politics. On the glass panel in the stall is also a banner that reads: --> Obama is President

Looking closely under his stall signage has a picture of the owner taken and some names of the local newspapers at the side. Wonder if it was done purposely or was he actually featured in the papers? If so, was it because he stood out for the signage name, for his food or for his passion in politics? I didn't dare find out. I just took a shot and made off. It was interesting, though.

I wonder if someone will open a Samak Tom Yam next.


Kikey Loo said...

actually i love politic too...
i had dream abt wanna be a politician, but now i just want to be traveler... :)

Eddie Wong said...

wat the heck? next time penang will have pak lah mee udang, najib mee kuah? jahahahahaha
or maybe anwar mee belakang?????

Zooropa said...

Oh if my hubby see that, I'm sure enough he'll eat the noodle because he likes beef very much!


Constance Chan said...

kikey - hey tat would be awesome if you are a women politician.. cos you will be the first to be label ALL FOR PEACE cos u always show peace sign!

eddie - hahah true too. funny yaya.. hey i think the mee belakang would be rename 'sodo mee'. not my idea but i saw it in someone's icon for msn... a friend fr pghk..hehehe

dora - wah if yr hubby loves beef, he got to try Wagyu beef. my hubby bought some back and grilled it.. wah it tastes perpetually like melt in your mouth one.. can still remember it now..